Campervan Insurance


If you’re looking to insure your campervan then it makes sense to compare with The Insurers, it could help you save time and money on your campervan insurance.

The Insurers has over a decade of experience helping you compare insurance for campervans and motorhomes, and we help you compare multiple insurance providers so you can choose the campervan insurance for your needs, based not only on price but also on the cover level and policy features. From temporary motorhome insurance to American RV insurance, we can do it all.

If you’re unfamiliar with insurance comparison sites, here’s how it works:

You fill in a single form asking questions about you and the cover you would like for your campervan You then end up on our results page, where you can view different prices and cover options from multiple campervan insurance providers If you choose to purchase one of the options you see, you can proceed to buy online or you can call a unique number to purchase over the phone directly with that provider

Ensure that you have all the necessary details for your campervan when you fill out the form, so you know that the quotes will be accurate when you see them all at the end of the process.

We also offer the ability to complete your purchase over the phone or simply get guidance over the phone from our carefully selected partners, which is particularly beneficial for campervans and other motorhomes as we know people often like to customise their home away from home. Being able to discuss the various cover options of your campervan before you choose will ensure you have the cover you require.

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Campervan Insurance FAQs

Am I covered to take my campervan out of the UK?

This varies depending on the insurance provider and the policy you have selected. Be sure to check the results page to see if “Covered Abroad” is active and check for any country exclusions before you complete your purchase with the broker. Abroad cover is usually for Europe, so you should check with the provider if you wish to travel beyond Europe. You will also have to check how Brexit has impacted European cover as it may require extra cost to be added depending on where you plan to visit.